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Evolution Landscape Brush Set for Procreate® on iPad

Evolution Landscape Brush Set for Procreate® on iPad

This Brush Set includes 36 Digital Landscape Brushes for Procreate®, 15 Color Swatches, and 1 Brush Manual with tips and techniques. Personally, I like painting landscapes and backgrounds using good old-fashioned wet-on-wet oil painting techniques like fan and round brush taps to paint branch boughs and leaves, and palette knife swipes to paint distant mountainsides. These brushes are designed to simulate those techniques, by using similar movements with your stylus, instead of a brush. This brush set is also a great way to flesh out your ideas for a traditional painting on the screen first, before starting the actual painting, saving you materials and time.

  • Note:

    Note: These brushes are compatible with both an Analog Stylus (Capacitive Touch or Finger) and Smart Stylus (Pressure and Tilt Sensitive) like the Apple Pencil 1 and 2, with slight differences. Some brushes have features enabled that were developed and optimized for a Smart Stylus using iPadOS and Procreate® for iPad, however, following the Brush Setting guidance in the included Brush Manual may help reduce the slight differences in brush appearance between Smart Stylus and Capacitive Touch Stylus appearance. Current versions of iPadOS and Procreate® for iPad may be required.

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