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Book I of The Nocterram Series

ISBN-10: 150888495

ISBN-13: 978-1508884958

Clint Reeves, a motorcycle mechanic struggling to make a living in the crime-ridden lower east end of Newburgh, NY during the fall of 1987 tries to cope with the recent brutal murder of his parents while living with his younger brother, Dustin, in their eerie apartment building. In the midst of a series of disturbing paranormal events, Clint and Dustin find a long lost friend in their new neighbor, Diane Jackson. They soon realize there is much more to Diane, and themselves, than meets the eye. The paranormal activity in the apartment worsens with the reemergence of shadowy figures from the past, led by a mysterious entity wearing a black hat. This man will leave all of them changed forever, and a body count in his wake.

Available on in print and Kindle editions

Release Date:  Coming Soon

This collection of short stories is a mingling of horror and science fiction.

Readers can expect Tracks to take them on an accelerating train ride of an eerie read with each turn of the page.

Book II of The Nocterram Series
Release Date:  Coming Soon

The second book of The Nocterram Series draws Clint Reeves back into the dimension of lost souls and devious creatures. There, he must go to its depths to survive the horrors that await him while Diane finds an unknown inner strength and the true depths of her own power. Will it be enough to survive The Black Coats?

Book III of The Nocterram Series
Release Date:  Coming Soon

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