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Evolution Brushes© Special Effects Brushes Gen 5 for ProcreateⓇ

Evolution Brushes© Special Effects Brushes Gen 5 for ProcreateⓇ

This Brush Pack is included in the Evolution Brushes© Master Set Gen 5 for Procreate, which contains every Brush Pack in the Evolution Brushes© Gen 5 for Procreate Collection. The Special Effects Brush Pack includes Realistic Special Effects Brushes and Digital Stamp Brushes for the Procreate app for iPad. These brushes speed up the tedious nature of drawing and painting complicated shapes like gears, chains, fans, and more. Each brush is named after a brush type, technique, or effect you can achieve with that brush, making the digital painting and learning process dramatically faster. Brushes and brush sets are organized categorically and alphabetically to help you find the right brush, right away. The Brush Pack even contains 3 Procreate Color Swatches and a Brush Manual with Tips, Techniques and brush setting adjustments for left-handed artists and capacitive touch stylus users.


  • Mechanical Metal Brushes for Procreate Brush Set: 33 Brushes including Mechanical Part Stamp Brushes and Metal Texture Brushes.
  • Special Effects Brushes for Procreate Brush Set: 31 Brushes including Elemental Brushes and Magic Brushes.
  • Brush Manual with Tips, Techniques, and Brush Setting Adjustments for Left-Handed and Capactive Touch Stylus Users.
  • 3 Procreate Special Effects Swatches, including Vibrant, Bright Color Swatches.

Note: These brushes are compatible with both an Analog Stylus (Capacitive Touch or finger) and Smart Stylus (Pressure and Tilt Sensitive) with slight differences. Some brushes have features enabled that were developed and optimized for a Smart Stylus using current versions of iPadOS and Procreate for iPad, however, following the Brush Setting Adjustments in the included Brush Manual will help reduce the slight differences in brush appearance between Smart Stylus and Capacitive Touch Stylus appearance. Current versions of iPadOS and Procreate for iPad are required. Many of the brushes in this Brush Pack are enabled with brush features released in Procreate 5

  • Download Instructions

    Once purchased, you will receive a link to download the zip folder containing the files. After you've downloaded the brushes, swatches, and brush manual, you can import the brushes and swatches into the Procreate App and open the PDF Brush Manual in a PDF Reader like the iPad Books App.

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